Hans Dens "De Serieuze Vis"

Hans Dens "De Serieuze Vis"
18 march 2021 -> 18 april 2021
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"Einverleiben and überwinden – pardon my German. In this eschatological era where Drs. Virility’s Crematory Choir re-yodeled our shining throne of slithering red herrings into the transparency of a tropical tourist trap aquarium, spinning the spins one spin too fast or slow in the cultural rodent wheel of swallowing, devouring, ingesting, digesting and evacuating might offer the perpetual motion food to avoid getting sucked to the marrow and left behind as an empty carcass, no zeroes signified.

With his metaphysical glasses against spiritual myopia deflecting passwords of a habitual 1-2-3 towards robust rhizomes of burned Cathars, Hans Dens (°1980, selective autism in thee Innercity) refuses to lure every eye into the scribblings of an already crippled technocracy. Boorish pencils feast on last suppers, aquarelle auras shatter the puffy-soft fontanelles of the universes sheer lightness, an analogue cat cries through a digital storm of Apollonian anti-chanson. And as we enter the symbolist echo well, pondering upon its undigested lumps of loggorhea, Ouroboros swallows its own tail and the clever autovampirism of the Dens folds back on itself, being devoured and digested in turn, form and thought controlled and decomposed in a swirling synthesis of split clocks. Captain Starbound bleaches the reductionist affirmation of supremacy in the lionesses’ milk -diva of his magnetic opera –, while she roars with her head below her erect belly, bent high above the static world of manipulatable hors d’oeuvres. Passionate and impressionistic, unlike the spider moving along the strands of its net, (s)he counts himself yet another awakening in yet another fluid world, in one stroke liquifying the inherent discrimination between the more than 19, more than 76 digestible and indigestible keys. Connection is non-connection is connection, a disobedient, self-eating excrement by unformed matter.

“With some mollusks, especially gastropods and cephalo-pods, the stomach develops a crystal organ in the form of a spiral […] the ‘coecum’ secreting enzymes and remindful in its form and function of the alchemist’s retort used for the precipitation of gold” (W. Flusser)

Spiral fertility picked up an easel, mixed some pigments, painted your insides and highlighted your inconveniences. Now let the Serious Fish get fooled by the fata morgana of gluttony so its belly will burst into the birth of Solomon’s Seal."
(by Ignace De Bruyn)


keizerstraat 42

OPEN THURSDAY 14:00 -> 18:00 or on appointment (grambacht AT gmail or 0486100558)


in collaboration with Sloow Tapes & No Basement Is Deep Enough (#1)

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